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Xiaobian teaches you the fashionable collocation of shirts

Are there all kinds of fashion items hidden in your wardrobe, but you suffer from matching? I believe every girl has one or more shirts in her wardrobe. You may think that the occasions where you wear shirts are more formal. After all, the vast majority of occasions we see in life that need shirts are the workplace. Shirts are not only common in the workplace, but also versatile in daily life. Next, let's learn about several collocations of shirts!

The first set is the matching of our pleated skirt and shirt, which gives people an elegant and beautiful feeling. The flexibility of pleated skirts and the coolness and purity of shirts are full of beauty, romance and immortality. Of course, the pleated skirt with mosaic color has more sense of design and fashion than a single color. The leather fabric shows the wearer's intellectual ability.

The second set is undoubtedly our current popular pencil skirt. Pencil skirt is famous for highlighting intellectual femininity. Pencil skirt shows the curve of girls' lower body. When paired with shirt, it shows intellectual femininity and temperament. One shoulder shirt with pink split pencil skirt is more suitable for you who like sweet wind.

The third set can be a shirt with a suspender skirt. In summer, a lazy and sexy suspender skirt with a shirt can mix and match a retro and fashionable style. Age reduction without losing beauty. Everyday, we can choose ordinary solid color suspender skirt, and the inner shirt can be appropriately replaced with striped shirt. The shirt with flared sleeves and organza sleeves will extremely highlight the personality. With a short suspender skirt, a white shirt and a pair of pants, you will become a fashion person.

The fourth set is the mix and match of striped shirt and printed skirt. The mix and match of striped shirt and printed skirt can produce fashionable sparks, but the matching printed skirt should not have more than three colors. Of course, the shirt of the same color is the best choice. It can echo with the printed skirt and give people a clean feeling.