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How to match autumn boots

It's the warm autumn of the new year. Autumn is the most suitable season for dressing and matching. It's not too much to wear skirts and trousers. So boots are the most versatile piece in autumn. There are many kinds of boots. According to heel height, they are divided into high-heeled boots, middle heeled boots and low heeled boots. According to the length of boots, they are divided into long boots, medium boots and low boots.

Low heeled boots are suitable for students in schools. Low heeled boots can lengthen the lines of legs, and as far as low heels are concerned, they will not affect people who can't wear shoes to walk, which is very convenient for walking. Low heel and low tube boots are often the most versatile one. With a cow tendon sole and a frosted suede upper, they can be worn from autumn to winter. The matching of low tube boots is very simple. You can basically match any style, such as short skirts, long skirts, jeans, leggings, etc.

Middle heel boots are hot shoes in recent years. The medium boots often exceed the ankle, so it is more suitable to match with the long skirt. The long skirt with the medium boots can always give people a very sensational and gentle feeling. However, it is not recommended to wear mm with thick legs, because medium boots can not modify the lines of legs.

What should girls with thicker legs wear? Try over knee boots or long boots, which can wrap the lower legs and modify the shape and line of the legs. While lengthening the leg lines, boots also modify the contour of the legs to make your legs look longer and straighter. It's best to choose a simple style without redundant decoration. It's best not to try the leg wrapping style in the choice of leather. The hard cow leather is very wide and the design looks thinner. For example, the 5050 can well modify the calf lines or can be worn. For example, the design of elastic flannelette at the back is relatively thin.