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Do you know party collocation

Abstract: in daily life, we often need to attend some parties, so how much do you know about party matching?

Our common parties are mainly divided into three types: first, business parties; Second, theme party; The third is the date party. Now, let me introduce the dress features of these three kinds of parties.

The business party is relatively formal, and its dress is characterized by skillful and sexy. In most foreign business parties, wearing a suit is the best dress. It is the best way to show professionalism and authority. Bright color knitting with shirt breaks the boredom of traditional suit, makes people feel delicate and decent, and adds relaxed air. Of course, even if it is a traditional style, it should also show elegance and introversion in details. Because we usually have to go to work during the day and have a dinner at night, we can pay attention to some different skirts when we go shopping.

Theme parties are usually held in bars. The instructions on the invitation letter roughly mean to tell you to dress gorgeous, charming and dazzling. Under the dim light, all kinds of light can just show your beauty. " Loose Plaid suit, necklace tie, low waist Harlan Pants & hellip& hellip; Such light and thin 'variant' suits are quite neutral, which is the most convenient way for you to stand out in fashion parties. However, such clothes are also very particular about people's body shape.

Dating parties are also common. We need to be natural and casual without losing taste. Dating refers to a song and dance party held by young men and women at the end of the year. The protagonists are young people full of youth, so the demand for clothing matching is: concise, sexy, vitality and so on. In short, there is no clear provision. If you want to highlight the female charm in the party, you can also consider pieces with broken flowers, lace and chiffon details.

People should not only look beautiful, but also wear beautiful clothes. Good party collocation can make you stand out from the crowd easily!