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How to match clothes

Abstract: in dressing, it is easy to ignore their own characteristics with the trend. Seeing that others look good, I can't wait to buy one myself. You know, not every dress and every shape is suitable for you. There are also traps in dressing collocation. Don't go astray. So how to match it best?

1. From shallow to deep, dressing has three levels: the first level is harmony, the second level is beauty, and the third level is personality.

2. Smart and rational, when you buy clothes, you can choose according to the following three criteria: what you like, what you suit and what you need.

3. Classic is very important, fashion is also very important, but we must not forget a little ingenuity. Don't pay too much attention to the brand, which often makes you ignore the inner things.

4. Clothes can give women many kinds of curves, among which the most beautiful is still the X-shape, which sets off women's slim and slender figure and full of feminine flavor.

5. Choose a warm coat with excellent materials and wear a light sweater or shirt inside. This international dress principle will become more and more popular.

6. There is no so-called fashion. Wearing your own personality is the real fashion. No matter in color or details, the use of similar elements is safe but insipid. If the opposite elements are properly used and skillfully combined, there will be a wonderful effect with half the effort.

7. A high-quality white shirt is indispensable in your wardrobe. No clothes can be more changeable than it.

8. There will be new popular elements in every season. Don't blindly follow the trend and let yourself become a trend forecaster, but lose your style. The key is to buy classic styles of clothes, which are durable and look good. At the same time, some trend elements are added to avoid being too dull.

The above is my humble opinion on matching clothes. I hope it can be helpful to you!