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Did you choose the right glove

Abstract: gloves are a very special thing. They are not only hand warmth preservation or labor protection articles, but also decorations. At the beginning, it was not produced for practical use, but in modern times, it became an essential thing for thermal insulation in cold areas, or medical and industrial protective articles. Gloves have become a must for us to go out, so how to match them is convenient and fashionable? Next, let's discuss the problem of glove matching?

Matching of long gloves: in terms of style, long gloves and clothing should also be coordinated with each other as much as possible. The style of clothing determines the style of long gloves to be matched. For simple clothing, long gloves with detailed design can be selected, such as button decoration, lace up or split line design, which can add the overall fashion sense of clothing. Lovely and sweet style clothes can choose long gloves with pearl bracelet decoration or bow decoration to enhance the overall sense of modeling; For luxurious and elegant clothes, you can choose high-quality soft and shiny sheepskin gloves or lace gloves to enhance the gorgeous again and add a touch of cool style.

Fingerless Gloves: a pair of black Fingerless Gloves with a high collar cashmere sweater, a gray pleated skirt and a pair of bright dark brown boots are warm and fashionable without losing sweet texture. A long blue coat with a bottomed shirt, directly matched with a pair of yellow Fingerless Gloves and a treasure blue scarf, is very warm and the overall shape will not appear dark. It's time for the down vest to appear. It's built with a long sleeved shirt and a pair of Fingerless Gloves, which is rich in hierarchy and makes the shape more flexible.

Matching of wedding dress and gloves: short sleeved wedding dress is suitable for matching gloves as long as the wrist; The vest wedding dress with wide shoulder straps is suitable for matching gloves with elbow length; The wedding dress without shoulder straps can be matched with gloves longer than elbows. When wearing a long sleeved wedding dress, it's best to avoid wearing gloves. If you must wear it, just wear a pair of short ones. If you think your arms are too thick, be careful when choosing gloves. Don't choose styles longer than elbows. Too long gloves are not suitable for small or short handed brides.

Do you know the matching of gloves?