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When the season changes, small boots are worn. These methods make it easy for you to control small b

An autumn rain and a cold, the recent temperature is really getting colder and colder! Xiaobian couldn't help but put on a sweater and wrapped my blanket tightly to write a push for everyone. Of course, the wardrobe has changed seasons, and the shoe cabinet has to start changing seasons, right? The intimate Xiaobian has prepared the matching of shoes for you. I hope you can help you after reading it.

In fact, the collocation is to unify the style. It is always available at home: lace up leather shoes, canvas shoes, short boots, long boots, sports shoes, etc., which can meet the needs of fairies on various occasions. Of course, you can buy more pairs of the same type and change them.

As for the collocation of lace up leather shoes, lace up leather shoes are a very versatile item. Wearing jeans can be matched with lace up leather shoes, and wearing small skirts can also be matched. Therefore, it must be right to have a pair of lace up leather shoes in the shoe cabinet at the end of the season! I really don't know what shoes to match when I go out. A pair of lace up leather shoes can be done!

With regard to the matching of canvas shoes, canvas shoes are also a very large number of items appearing on the street. Many cool girls will match it with leisure style. Of course, canvas shoes are not limited to leisure style. Like lace up leather shoes, they are universal matching items. Some girls will match cotton linen skirts with canvas shoes, which also has a lasting appeal. So match what, as long as you spend a little thought, you can be beautiful!

As for the collocation of short boots, the most famous short boots should belong to Chelsea boots. They are short and tough. They bring their own aura after wearing them. If you add a little, it will bring wind when walking in the crowd. Wearing Chelsea boots can consider a handsome little leather skirt or tight leggings, which will make the whole person look very capable.

I wonder if everyone has learned these little tips? I hope Xiaobian's article can help you.