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An autumn rain, a cold, little fairies, put on their sweaters quickly

The weather has turned cold recently. Please remember to add clothes in time! About adding clothes, I have to say sweaters. In recent years, there are more and more styles of sweaters. Sweaters of various styles are dazzling. Don't worry. As long as you find the right method, several basic sweaters can make you beautiful in autumn. Xiaobian has prepared some sweaters suitable for autumn for everyone. Don't come and listen with a small bench.

Don't underestimate the sweater. It has a lot of knowledge. Wool collars alone have high collars, low collars, round collars and V collars. From the purpose of sweaters, they can be divided into wearing outside and wearing inside. Sweaters worn outside are relatively loose, and some are cardigans. Different sweaters have different matching methods. Listen to Xiaobian's explanation for you.

Sweater cardigan should be a very common item in autumn. It is as convenient as cowboy coat. It can be matched with skirt or trousers. If it is a short sweater cardigan, it is recommended to match trousers. It is also very delicious to wear plaid shirt or solid color. Of course, the following can also be matched with a skirt, but it is best to match with an umbrella skirt, pull up the waist line and decorate the body to make the body look fuller.

High necked sweater is also very common. Its nature is like a sweater. Directly putting on a sweater outside can make you no longer shiver in the autumn wind. The warmth index is also very high. The lower body is very OK with pants or skirts. However, we must pay attention to protect your sweater. It will be very embarrassing if there are balls everywhere.

After reading this article, you little fairies must be impatient to buy it! It's a new season. Although you want to buy, you must do what you can to save a little money. Don't be a moonlight family.