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The ever-changing lace makes you the most beautiful fairy in the crowd

Although lace is always synonymous with a girl, it is changeable. It can be embellished on the bride's wedding dress and appear at the skirt corner of a girl. The ordinary single product will be fresh immediately as long as a little lace is added. Lace is a very special creation. So how should fairy lace match? Don't worry, Xiaobian. I'll teach you the secret of lace matching.

Lace skirt, lace skirt can be said to be the most feminine of all girls' items. The flying skirt corners are equipped with a little lace. Even if the upper body wears a solid color T-shirt, it will brighten people's eyes! The long gauze skirt dotted with lace is also full of Fairy Spirit! Of course, in this warm and cold season, in order to be safe, the fairies still wear sweaters on their upper bodies. After all, they need style and temperature.

LACE VEST, guys, don't get me wrong. The lace vest at this time is not for wearing out, but for backing. Imagine a beautiful low necked sweater or shirt with a little lace edge occasionally. Is it a little sexy? To achieve this effect, you only need to wear a bottomed lace vest in your shirt or T-shirt! However, when choosing bottomed vests, fairies must pay attention to the skin friendly ones with good materials, so that there will be no skin allergy.

Lace coat. When it comes to lace coat, we think of gorgeous and grand lace coat. In fact, it is not. At the turn of summer and autumn, if the fairies wear a suspender skirt and are afraid of cold at night, they can add a light lace coat, which is decent, generous and warm.

After reading the lace collocation of Xiaobian, are you excited? In fact, there are many collocation methods of lace waiting for you to explore. If you try boldly, there may be surprises!