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Plaid suit takes you to play with neutral and handsome style

When it comes to small suits, people think that they may be business dinners in suits, women in high heels and gentlemen in tuxedos, but in fact, as long as they make good use of and transform them, they can be as convenient and easy to match as daily casual clothes. The key is to see how to match them. Xiaobian has prepared the matching of gray lattice suits for you, Let you instantly turn into a handsome little girl and match different styles every minute.

Grey Plaid suit with short skirt suit. Because the gray grid looks very low-key, and it's easy to wear the visual sense of 'veteran cadres', so if you want to break this embarrassment, you might as well choose to match with the short skirt suit, which not only retains the retro handsome feeling of the gray grid, but also integrates the playfulness and youth of the short skirt suit. The overall look is very harmonious and not easy to make mistakes, and the color matching of black, white and gray is very classic, with a sense of hierarchy, showing big and long legs, making your whole person look very tall.

Grey Plaid suit and shorts suit. Does a grey Plaid suit with shorts sound incredible? In fact, this kind of matching is also very time-saving and labor-saving. It has long been common for long sleeved shorts in the fashion circle. The profile of long sleeved shorts with wide top and narrow bottom is also a very popular matching nowadays. Moreover, the suit and shorts seem to have a sense of fashion of "fooling around", which looks inexplicably harmonious. The overall look is very textured without a sense of distance. It is the most fashionable collocation at present.

In fact, checkered suits are hot items both in the show and on the street. You may find that the suits are dark in terms of the overall style, which is more convenient for fairies to create a retro style. There are still many remarkable places about the matching of checkered suits. Xiaobian will not give examples one by one. I hope this article will be helpful to all fairies.