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How to match long suits? Have you learned these recommendations

When it comes to the matching of long suits, many female friends are troubled by this problem, especially now that we have entered the beautiful autumn, a long suit coat must be essential. How to match long suits, which are the heart of many girls, has become a headache, especially for the girls who have just stepped into society and entered the workplace, It's even more necessary to have this knowledge. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the matching skills of long suits.

First of all, many friends still stay in the era when they thought suits could only be worn by men. If so, you're out. Now girls are used to walking in suits on the street. Especially in autumn, many people choose long suits in terms of coats. Why are suits so popular? That's because its various styles can satisfy you. No matter you want to go college style, ol style can make you get what you want.

Well, I've said so much before. The next is the focus of today's news. Because it's still early autumn, so you don't have to worry about putting your summer clothes in the wardrobe. You should grasp the matching period. A white knee suit with a white T inside and a black super shorts below. Then you can choose mesh shoes, which is very Korean style. If the weather turns cool slowly, you can match it with a yellow and black bottomed shirt and a pair of micro slacks popular this year.

Of course, when choosing the style of the suit, try to choose the one with relatively simple style. Don't have too many pattern modifications or colorful ones, because the suit is simple and harmonious as a whole, which is easy to start.