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How to match the necessary hats of trendy men

There are many kinds of hats, including baseball cap, fisherman cap, military cap, duck tongue cap, hip-hop cap and top hat. This is all kinds of hats competing, but what kind of hat is suitable for you, do you know? You must choose a hat that suits you in order to match the trend. It is mainly considered from several aspects, that is, face shape, skin color and overall body shape. These articles have been introduced in previous articles. If you have any questions, you can have a look. Today we mainly talk about the matching of hats.

Matching of the first type of hat: baseball cap

Now the most popular is the baseball cap, which can be worn by men, women, old and young. Walking down the street, we can see all kinds of people wearing baseball caps, but do some people really wear them right? What kind of clothes should a baseball cap match?

Generally speaking, we wear a simple T-shirt in summer, but if we want to be fashionable, we can choose a red T-shirt, which makes it more energetic. In addition, we can match with a blue baseball cap. The whole match is particularly harmonious and refreshing. Of course, it can also be used in winter. We can choose a vest to cover the sweater, and then fold the sweater hat and baseball cap, which can keep out the cold and look good.

The second hat Collocation: Fisherman's hat

Fisherman's hat is especially suitable for lovely little boys. If you want to match it well, we can wear it like this. Just a T-shirt with torn jeans, and then put on a fisherman's hat. The fisherman's hat is round and cute, so it is suitable for cute boys.

The third hat Collocation: wool hat

In this cold winter, there must be a woolen hat. It's good to have a simple black woolen hat, and then match it with a down jacket. As for the hat wearing method, it's a little easy, because the wool may not be so shaped, so you should pay attention when wearing it. In addition, don't pull the brim too low, which will also make people look spiritless.

The above is a small part of the hat matching collected by Xiaobian for all men. You are welcome to exchange and discuss more information.