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How should you dress to look thinner if you are slightly fat? It will take a long time to miss this

Who says fat girls can't wear nice clothes? Who says fat people have no other way to lose weight? In fact, in addition to weight loss, you can get the visual thin effect through clever matching clothing skills. Next, let's introduce how fat girls should match clothes.

First of all, fat girls should be 'long' when wearing clothes, which means that when shopping for clothes, it's best to choose a long wool coat or a loose dress that grows to the thigh, which will give people a feeling of fat and thin. So we can often see that most fat girls on the street choose this kind of dress, which makes them look thinner. Don't choose to wear jeans under such long clothes, because the fabric of jeans is thicker, which highlights the hypertrophy of hips. Tall and fat girls are suitable for wearing thin, long or waist retracted clothes.

Second, for those girls who are not fat as a whole, but also thin and have meat in some parts, wearing appropriate loose clothes is more thin. Don't wear clothes with a 'sense of lines'. In particular, the fat on the waist is more bloated than usual when it is covered in smaller clothes.

Third, for girls with thick legs, those enviable tight pants and pencil pants are still in the stage of envy and appreciation in the eyes of such girls. In fact, it's very simple. You can choose pants suitable for your leg shape, such as bell bottomed pants, or get a pair of boots directly.

Fourth, fat girls should not feel inferior when they meet their favorite skirts. They must be confident. As long as they choose the right style for themselves, the skirt can modify their leg shape and body shape. Since the skirt is designed for women, naturally everyone has everyone's unique charm.