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How to match the boy's face and hairstyle? I'll teach you one or two moves

Last time Xiaobian has taught you how to match girls' face and hair style. Now many people ask Xiaobian how to match boys' face and hair style? I have to say that hairstyle is really important to a person. Maybe the gap between you and the male god is just a hairstyle gap. Find a hairstyle suitable for your face and make yourself look more perfect. Let's follow Xiaobian to see what collocations boys have!

There are many kinds of faces for boys, such as oval face and square face. Rectangular face, prismatic face, etc. There may be many boys in their round face, he does not look so hard, more close to lovely. Compared with boys with square faces, the hairstyle is easy to handle.

Not much to say, the following Xiaobian will introduce you in detail, the collocation of hair style and face shape! Let's first talk about boys with oval face. This type of boys can be the ideal face of women. However, there are some suggestions for this face style. You can create some volume and angle through the hair in front of your forehead to make it look more fluffy and make your face look more three-dimensional.

Just talking about the collocation of square face, this face shape is actually the most ideal face shape for men. His proportion and overall outline will make you look perfect. So in fact, you can try some short hair. The shorter the hair, the more energetic you will be.

Let's talk about how to match the hairstyle of round face. Boys with a round face will give people a very soft feeling. There is no obvious line and angle of his chin in this face shape, so when matching the hairstyle, we need to add a little angle to the hairstyle. Like the classic pombadu and flat top hair style, it can make up for the deficiency of this face shape. Of course, if you are willing to grow a square beard, you can make the outline of your chin clearer.

Looking for a hairstyle is a long process. We need to constantly try new things. The results may be worse, or you can find a suitable hairstyle at once. Xiaobian thought that if you were still walking in the long search process and met Xiaobian, your hairstyle would be saved! So, have you learned how to match the hairstyle and face of the above boys?