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Do not know how to match non mainstream? Let me teach you

Many people like to pursue the trend and follow the trend, but many people pursue their own personality and carry forward their own style, and the pursuers are non mainstream. In fact, Xiaobian believes that both mainstream and non mainstream will change. Basically, all popularity will change every ten years, so non mainstream is not always non mainstream. Xiaobian's non mainstream is to show his personality. Now let's introduce some non mainstream ways of wearing.

Coat, T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, a simple suit. An ordinary white T-shirt, a round neck coat with a mesh stitched baseball suit, a pair of High Waist Shorts and a pair of white sneakers are simple, lively and show your personality and trend. White T's hem is tied in High Waist Shorts. It's not too personalized to match yourself with a simple large shoulder bag.

Striped T-shirts, ripped jeans and board shoes are also a way to show your personality. Non mainstream black-and-white stripes, very naval style, with a pair of perforated jeans and a pair of board shoes, full of vitality and personality. You can also wear a baseball cap to highlight your mainstream.

Cotton padded jacket, sweater, leggings and sneakers. The spliced cotton coat and the poor nise's sweater show their uninhibited style. Coupled with leggings and sneakers, it is full of hip-hop style. Coupled with a baseball cap, it is fashionable and energetic.

Cotton padded jacket with leggings and canvas shoes. The loose and long pure color cotton padded jacket, combined with black leggings and black canvas shoes, looks lazy, especially for small girls, which is more lovely, casual and fashionable. Match yourself with a black handbag. It's great.