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How to realize scientific diet

In modern life, all people are in a hurry, as if there are endless things. In this way, young people ignore their bodies, especially modern women. Women's body is more weak than men, and they are not suitable to participate in high-intensity work. Many girls will spend a lot of money to buy a lot of nutrition, but we can also get more nutrition in our daily diet to supplement more physical strength.

The nutrients needed by the human body are divided into protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They provide nutrition and energy for the human body, prevent diseases, form human tissue and so on. Therefore, we should pay attention to the supplement of nutritional elements in our daily diet.

At breakfast, it is appropriate to eat more low-fat and low sugar foods. Pay attention to avoid foods containing a lot of sugar and starch. More sedative serotonin can be synthesized into the body, resulting in limited brain cell vitality, unable to mobilize brain power to the greatest extent, and reduce the efficiency of work and study; Lunch should be supplemented with protein and an appropriate amount of carbohydrates. Eating too much rice and sweets will lead to drowsiness in the afternoon. Therefore, we should eat more protein foods, such as chicken, fish, poultry eggs, bean products, rice and nuts. Many girls refuse to eat dinner in order to lose weight, but this is very incorrect. Dinner intake should pay attention to high sugar and low protein to alleviate the blood circulation of the brain.

How to eat scientifically? First, pay attention to the balance of nutrition. Do not eat only meat or vegetables. The ratio of required heat energy and heat energy source is balanced, amino acid balance and fatty acid balance. Second, we should eat more dark food. Generally, dark food has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Third, do not eat thick meat. Fried, fried, barbecue and other foods are difficult to absorb in the human body, which increases the burden on the intestines and stomach.