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How much do you know about food matching

Food is one of the magic weapons for people to survive. In the past, when people lived in poverty, they only had to be full! With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more kinds of food on people's table. So how to match it so that you can eat happily and nutritious?

Every food has its own nutritional value. How can we match it to show the maximum nutritional value of food? Then we have to learn more about food matching! Nutrition reaches a certain value, which is excellent for people's health. Now let's introduce some simple food collocations!

The first Collocation: fish + tofu

Both fish and tofu are rich in protein, but the protein and amino acids they contain are unreasonable, but if they are combined, they can play a good role in protein and amino acids, and people can absorb the nutrients well. The method of both can be to boil a fish soup and then prevent the tofu. The tofu doesn't need to be put too early, otherwise it's not good to cook too bad. In this way, tofu also absorbs the delicious taste of fish soup, which is particularly delicious.

The second Collocation: pig liver + spinach

Pig liver and spinach are rich in iron, so they complement each other to replenish blood. We can choose pig liver as soup and put spinach in it. The combination of one meat and one vegetable is excellent.

There are a lot of food. Xiaobian only briefly introduces two collocations for you, and there are many collocations that we can communicate together. In addition, the matching of food is not the same. Some food paired together may cause poisoning. In addition, some food can't be eaten and should be distinguished clearly.