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How many skills do you know about the color matching of these clothes

With the development of the times and the progress of society, we are not in the era of "new three years, old three years, sewing and mending for another three years". It can be said that the most important thing we need now is clothes. What we lack is the sense of matching clothes, which is a fashionable feeling. When walking on the street, others can't help but want to see you more. Since when do you think clothing matching is very important? Xiaobian once had the experience of wearing a red sweater with a pink coat. At that time, he thought he was the most fashionable. Now he wants to come, I don't know how embarrassing it is. Well, it was a time of killing Matt.

Remember, don't let your colors exceed three at any time. You're not a flower in the field. You don't need so many colors to prove your sense of existence. White can be said to be a versatile color. No matter what color it matches, it will not appear abrupt. There are white clothes in business clothes and casual clothes. Blue has the effect of tightening the body shape. Now there are a lot of blue jeans in the street. What's more, when you wear a silk dress in autumn and feel cold, you match it with a light blue coat, giving people a refreshing and non greasy feeling. The effect is also good. Black has always been known for its calmness. When black and red match, it will appear to have a different style.

After talking about so many good-looking collocation skills, Xiaobian will also talk about collocation minefields. Boys sometimes like to match their colorful pants, some are fluorescent, think about it, you can blind my eyes. In fact, blue is an easy color to match, and it is not easy to step into the minefield. In fact, there is an exception, that is bright yellow, which can be controlled by mix and match experts. If you think your appearance can control this combination completely, you can be bold to wear it. After all, this is an era of looking at your face.