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Can you match Korean style

Many people will especially like the collocation of Korean style. Indeed, through the broadcasting of Korean dramas, we can also see that Koreans still have opinions on dressing up. The collocation of various roles is very good. Even their school uniforms have trapped many Chinese people. The ultra short skirt of girls' school uniforms is enviable by students. How should Korean collocation be done? Now let Xiaobian teach you!

Korean mm collocation skills are excellent. If you want to wear that style, you can learn it with Xiaobian! Dress like a goddess. We can choose a white T-shirt with a dress. Younger and sweet girls can choose pink skirts, while mature ones might as well choose black. This collocation is also full of vitality.

The second collocation is suitable for handsome girls. Choose a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt, a pair of black tight pants and a pair of Martin boots. Such clothes are particularly handsome and charming.

In addition, in Korean dramas, you should notice that the winter collocation worn by all stars is intoxicating. A coat makes a boy elegant, and it also makes a girl atmospheric. So we might as well put on a coat with bottoms and black bottoms. Beige or military green is a good choice for coats. Go and try these Korean style collocations! It will definitely brighten your eyes. You wear the goddess model every minute.