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Long hair bifurcated how to do, how to save

That's a good question. As long as you are a woman, you will have the trouble of hair bifurcation. You have to work hard to keep long hair bifurcation. That's really a 'heartbreaking' thing. Let's talk about what to do with hair bifurcation?

First of all, if your hair has been bifurcated, don't go to the barber shop to dye and perm your hair. Dyeing and perming your hair will hurt your hair very much, which will drain the nutrients in your hair and make it easier for your hair to bifurcate and have no luster.

Secondly, don't be reluctant to give up your long hair. Go to the barber's shop to repair your hair a little. It will grow back in two weeks at most. If you don't repair your hair for a certain time, it will cause disorder of scalp oil metabolism, bifurcation of hair and unhealthy hair. Going to the barber's shop regularly can not only keep your hair healthy, but also make your hair grow better, It has a smooth luster.

Also, you must choose the right shampoo. It can not be the most expensive, but it must be the most suitable for you. Hair conditioner is also something that must be used after washing hair every time. Similarly, it should also be suitable for yourself. If it is not consistent with your hair quality, it may damage your scalp and make your hair bifurcation more serious.

If your hair is really dry and forked badly, if time and economic conditions allow, you can go to the barber shop to take care of it regularly. It will be effective to insist on it several times. Wear a hat in summer to prevent sunburn. Pay attention to keeping your hair warm in winter.

None of the above methods can make the hair better in a day or two. The bifurcation of the hair needs long-term maintenance. As long as you adhere to the above methods and often trim, the hair will become as soft and smooth as silk in a few months.