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How to match the short woolen cloth in winter to maximize the sense of fashion

Autumn and winter are always dull. People with thick autumn pants can't breathe. At this time, woolen shorts come out, which should be an essential item for every girl. In such a heavy season in autumn and winter, it can effectively improve the waistline and expose big and long legs, but some people will become small and short legs every minute if they don't match well. What should we do? How to match woolen shorts?

Different styles and colors of woolen shorts have different styles. The dull atmosphere in winter is suitable for wearing some bright woolen shorts, which are bright and fashionable. For example, treasure blue, treasure blue woolen shorts give people a mysterious atmosphere. You can choose black high collar sweater and dark color coat, which looks elegant, generous and fashionable as a whole. In addition to royal blue, wine red is also a good choice. You can choose the same wine red or red coat on the upper body, which is also a good match.

After that, let's talk about the matching of leggings. The first one is dark blue tweed shorts with black leggings and a white sweater on the upper body, which has the feeling of College style and is a combination of age reduction. If you want a more mature collocation, look at the second one. Red tweed shorts and black leggings are beautiful when you are young. Red and black are always a pair of timeless collocations. There is no doubt that urban women are capable at this moment. They are capable without losing their romantic femininity, which can be said to kill more with one stone. There is also the third kind of collocation, which is also the most versatile collocation. Gray tweed shorts are matched with black leggings, black woolen coat, black motorcycle leather boots, and white sweaters. The classic three colors, black, white and gray, not only improve the waistline, but also make people look less cumbersome. Women can also be cool.