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How should summer dresses be matched to look good

For girls, the happiest thing is the arrival of summer. When summer comes, you can take off heavy clothes and put on beautiful dresses. Some people put on dresses as if they were Smurfs in the world, but the matching of some people is soul-stirring. In fact, matching is a required knowledge for every girl, So today we're going to talk about how to match a dress with a summer dress.

First, let's talk about the matching of shoes. First, if you are wearing a floral skirt, you can choose to match a pair of crystal sandals or slope heels. It's best not to be too fancy. Naked color is the best choice, which makes the whole person generous and not tacky. Second, if you feel uncomfortable wearing thin high heels, it's better to change into a pair of thick soled high heels with fish mouth, which is beautiful and comfortable. It's very good to match with the dress of the same color. The third kind is flat shoes. The most popular one this year is bandage shoes. Wearing a red or Black Floral Chiffon Dress with black bandage flat shoes, walking on the street is very attractive and beautiful to have no friends. The last kind of shoes is the shallow mouth pointed high heels. Whether the dress is a long skirt or a short skirt, the shallow mouth pointed high heels can be well connected. Naked or black shoes lengthen the lines of the legs and bring a visual feeling of one meter and eight feet in length every minute.

In addition to the matching of shoes is very important, we can also choose some small accessories. If your dress is solid color, don't wear a broken flower silk scarf to bring a strong Italian style. If your dress is broken flowers or other colors, you can choose a solid silk scarf to neutralize the color, so that the overall collocation looks more coordinated, fresh and natural.