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A must see floral dress this fall

This year, the retro trend hit again, so there is an element with its own retro pastoral style, which will undoubtedly regain the favor of fashion people! That's -- little broken flowers. Nowadays, as long as the small broken flowers are matched properly, they can easily be worn out of the style of street trend. Let's see how to match it!

Short leather clothes + floral skirt sometimes you think the matching method of motorcycle leather clothes + tight pants is too tough, so you might as well try matching with sweet and fresh floral skirt. This autumn, this mix and match style is also the most popular. You can see flying clothes with long skirts, suits with dresses and so on in various fashion magazines or on the street. Of course, when it comes to attention, it's still small broken flowers. Long inside and short outside can also highlight the sense of hierarchy. Denim + floral skirt

Jeans with floral skirts, jeans as a sharp tool to reduce age, almost every fashion person's wardrobe has its place. The fresh and sweet broken flowers are accompanied by a denim, which has a casual and free street style. Bandage sandals + short Floral Dress

The off shoulder floral dress not only highlights the elegant temperament, but also has a little sexy. It is definitely a necessary item for fashionable girls in summer. Then choose a pair of strap sandals with exotic style, with personality and fashion charm. If you go out of the street, you might as well match it with a light color chain bag or hand bag, which is more suitable for the temperament of floral dress. Sneakers + Floral Dress

If you go shopping, a pair of comfortable shoes can make you full of combat effectiveness. You don't have to worry about wearing sneakers. You will be tired when wearing high heels. Broken flower dress with a pair of small white shoes or colored sneakers of the same color system is really temperament and leisure.