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Build a different self

Fairies always feel that they always wear less clothes in their wardrobe. In fact, there are still some items, but they can't match, so it's very important to learn to match well. Some clothes seem bland and boring, but they are actually the easiest to match with a sense of fashion. Cowboys, gauze skirts, tassels, holes, prints, stripes, Liuding, small white shoes, the fashion circle changes unpredictably. As fashion trendsetters, we are also constantly learning.

As soon as the queen with goods came out, Taobao scrambled to get the money. The airport show of small flowers and fresh meat also brought a lot of items. These fashionable items have truly become an indispensable part of us. Take the simplest yarn skirt as an example. Whether in spring and autumn, winter and summer, it is fashionable to match with all kinds of white T or Chiffon shirts to explode small broken flowers. Motorcycle clothes, sweaters, cowboy coats and sweaters are not illegal to match at will. Dior's gauze skirt is also the first show of many stars. Perforated pants are the pants of this year's fire. The perfect combination of trousers and hot pants is a trend. What tear edge cowboy, what patch cowboy and slit cowboy are trendy products that reflect the personality of stars.

Since Xiaobai shoes became popular in the fashion circle, this wave of craze has never subsided. Many stars such as song Qian, Yang Mi, Reba and big cousin Liu Wen love Xiaobai shoes very much. All kinds of stars in Taobao are also selling the same white shoes. Of course, there are many classic fashion items that are not out of date, such as white T-shirt, wide leg pants, black coat and nine point wearing method. But now it's more popular to tuck a shirt into your pants! Stripes and plaids are also the most versatile patterns.

I think each of us has n + 1 different pieces in our wardrobe, and the trend of Japan and South Korea in recent years is also the upsurge of collocation of various pieces. Many Japanese and South Korean tribes are keen on minimalist white t-white shoes. The overall wear is clean and tidy, and simple collocation is the most fashionable, but the finishing touch of details gives you full marks.