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Your wardrobe must still be short of a vest skirt

Vest skirt is a very practical piece. You can wear vest skirt all year round except in particularly cold winter. It has a variety of styles and styles, but the more diverse the styles, the more it tests people's clothes. It is precisely because they are clothes that everyone often wears, so we should match them carefully and make them look better than others. Now let's take a look at several common matching vests and skirts.

Yellow sweater with English Plaid vest skirt and small brown leather shoes, plus camel Beret. If you want to go out, bring a small black square bag with a messenger. The retro costume of literature and art came out. Yellow is a very bright color, giving people the impression of lively and lovely, quiet and energetic. It's probably the old saying that quiet is like a virgin and moving is like a rabbit.

Black sheepskin vest skirt with color matching coat and black lace up high heels. Girls who like trinkets can bring a black cool choker. You can also wear exaggerated earrings. It's hot outside. If the sun is very big, you can also add a pair of sunglasses to make the whole person free and easy.

Naked color split with suspender knitted vest dress, sky blue cardigan and white high-heeled shoes. If you want to go shopping and see a movie, you can choose a white bag. Girls who want to deal with details in detail can apply their own nail polish to them. Nude, blue or white are very suitable for them.

Lazy girls who don't think it's too troublesome can wear a basic blue cowboy vest skirt with a white T-shirt, and wear popular small white shoes. If it's hot to go out in summer, tie a cute ball head. It's nice and not hot. Simple, convenient and beautiful. You can also take a lovely bracelet and be a girl full of vitality.