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The red sweater is very festive, but how can it look good

In China, red is a special festive color. Applying this color to clothes is also a good color. Generally speaking, people will choose a red dress during the Chinese new year or when festive events happen. How should the big red sweater in winter match? It's better to have a happy Spring Festival! Now let Xiaobian show you!

Collocation 1: big red sweater + black tights

Black tights can well show your body curve. The upper body is matched with a looser big red sweater, which gives people a bright feeling. Moreover, in cold winter, the warm color of red also makes people feel very warm, so this is a good choice,

Collocation 2: red sweater + Lace Skirt

The bright red sweater is matched with a pure white lace skirt. The lace skirt, especially the fairy, shows the whole person's sweet temperament. Generally speaking, it's OK to wear a medium and long red sweater with a slightly long lace skirt inside, but it's cold in winter, so it's best to match it with a pair of white or flesh colored thick leggings to keep warm.

Collocation 3: loose red sweater + jeans

A baggy sweater with a pair of dark jeans is particularly suitable. Although it has a particularly lazy feeling, it makes people look comfortable. You might as well try it.

Collocation 4: red sweater + shirt

The red sweater gives people a warm feeling. Wearing a shirt inside has the smell of College style, which makes people feel particularly youthful. It's OK to wear jeans or black tights on the lower body, which are very good-looking.

The above is the collocation of red sweaters introduced by Xiaobian. Are you a little excited? Go and try it!