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Stars teach you how to wear Bobo head

In addition to the suggestions of friends and fashion magazines, we look at the matching method of stars. Every Spring Festival Gala, TV dramas and variety shows will attract the attention of the audience. Now, follow those stars with good taste to learn how to match Bobo heads.

The wind review is very good. Gao Yuanyuan, who has few gossip, has always been the head of Bobo, and Gao Yuanyuan is a pure jade girl wind turned into an intellectual mature wind. Therefore, if you are also a pure girl, you can try. White shirt, brown sweater, light jeans and white sneakers or small brown leather shoes.

Yang Zi has always been Bobo's head, and has handsome costumes and lively and lovely ones. It is very suitable for everyone as a learning template. The first collocation is a light pink T-shirt, jeans on the lower body, a cowboy coat and a black short bow tie around the neck. And there are earrings. You can choose or not. They are cloud earrings. There is also a black T-shirt with broken jeans and white sneakers.

Another star has been Bobo head since her debut, but she uses bangs from the side, that is little s. She likes Chiffon dresses, not only pink, black, but also green. The shoes can be small sandals or white high heels. If you want to be a motorcycle girl, Bobo head can also be matched with that kind of traditional leather clothes.

Many Korean stars either choose curly hair or Bobo head. You can also try their matching method. The hem of the round neck white T-shirt is tucked into denim shorts and wearing white sandals. Another kind of collocation is a short green shirt, a white hip skirt on the lower body, and white high-heeled sandals on the feet. This is very suitable for people with fresh style or sexy beauty. Winter collocation is a long gray coat, which is a white shirt, a light yellow sweater, a broken jeans, white sneakers or ankle wrapped leather shoes.