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How to choose a long face hairstyle is the most correct

A girl with a long face always feels that her face is too long and not beautiful enough. At this time, we can modify our face shape by relying on some external conditions. Do you know how to change your hairstyle to make your face shorter?

If your face doesn't look so long, the best way is bangs. Bangs have always been the Savior of long faced beauties. Straight hair bangs can well shorten the length of the forehead, but too straight bangs may make people look listless, so you might as well roll the bangs to a range, so the forehead can also look more perfect. The popular air bangs in recent years are a good choice. You can also try the eight character bangs that have appeared recently.

People with long faces must avoid too vertical hair, because doing so can only make the whole face look longer. It is best to make the hair on both sides curly and fluffy, which can widen the face and make the whole face look more round and full.

Girls with long faces also taboo particularly long hair. The hair and waist are the dreams of many girls, but such long hair is really not suitable for such long hair. It's better to have a neck position. Too short is not suitable. I feel my chin is prominent. It doesn't feel good to poke the dead with my chin.

You can also try the charming long face with full Korean flavor, medium and long hair with 37 points. The medium and long hair with random shawl is combined with the temperament, which modifies the large and long face, and the simple and natural shawl hair is neat and refreshing.