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How to match plaid shirt? It has a different flavor

We all have plaid shirts. I believe we are very familiar with it. Some people say it is a trend item, while others say it is very old-fashioned. I believe what you say is the truth. What's the problem? Xiaobian thought that this not only has a great relationship with personal temperament, but also has something to do with collocation. Temperament Xiaobian has no right to speak, but Xiaobian can change everyone's view of plaid shirt from how to match plaid shirt. How to match an ordinary plaid shirt with a different feeling? And how to be a literary and artistic young man? Next, Xiaobian will bring you skills on how to match plaid shirts.

Of course, the simplest and safest matching method is the classic plaid shirt with jeans. Any checked shirt, paired with a pair of jeans, will show a natural atmosphere. If a little trinkets are properly added, it will bring different surprises to the overall image. Plaid shirts give people a sexy and hot feeling. Of course, a pair of shorts is essential. If you tuck the tail of your shirt at your waist, it will be more distinctive. Some casual people want to use plaid shirts to show a free and casual mood. It's not impossible. Just match them with a light color and loose casual pants. Properly roll up the trouser legs, coupled with a pair of classic small white shoes, the feeling of freedom and randomness is absolutely bursting. If the shirt is stuffed into the pants, it will also look handsome and neat. Many neutral girls like this kind of wear.

The plaid one line collar coat can be described as the killer of otaku men. The sexy collarbone and shoulder line of the girls who wear the plaid one line collar coat show no doubt, and the sexy reveals elegance. If you match it with a pair of jeans, the pink or red plaid one-line collar top forms a sweet contrast color with the blue jeans, which has a unique flavor.

Do you know how to match plaid shirts? Do you still think wearing a plaid shirt looks like a village girl?