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How should long white hair have dietotherapy

I remember a recent interview with a popular male star. Remember to ask the male star what he thinks is the most important thing. The male star said it's hair. He can't live without hair. Although many people listen to this dialogue as a joke, when you think about it carefully, what the male star said is actually right. As a practitioner in the industry who depends on his appearance, his appearance will be greatly reduced without hair. Even for ordinary people, hair is also very important. Today's news editor will talk about how to treat long white hair.

Before talking about how to carry out diet therapy for long white hair, let's first understand several situations of long white hair, so that we can take targeted care of ourselves, rather than grasping the eyebrows and beard. For the elderly, long white hair is a normal phenomenon of physical aging, which is not the case for many young people. There are two reasons for young people's long white hair: congenital and acquired. The congenital reason is caused by genetic genes, and the acquired reason is caused by living habits.

First of all, let's talk about the situation of long white hair caused by congenital factors. This situation is generally called little white head, which is generally caused by the genetic inheritance of parents. The patient will grow white hair from the beginning of his teens. This kind of long white hair cannot be improved by diet therapy, and even under the current medical level, little white head cannot be changed, Shao Baitou patients should accept the reality and correct their mentality.

For the long white hair caused by acquired factors, it can be recuperated through dietotherapy. Generally, this kind of situation is caused by not having a good rest and using the brain too much. We should eat more foods rich in trace elements such as zinc and iron. These elements can promote the generation of melanin. Black sesame and spinach are good choices. We can see obvious results after adhering to them for about a year.