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Save the hands of the disabled party to teach you how to draw eye shadow.

Eyes are the window of the soul, and eye makeup is the finishing touch of a person's temperament. If you paint well, you can add women's temperament. If you draw a bad picture, your eyes will be dirty and your spirit is bad. So it's very important to paint your eyes. So let me show you how to draw eye shadow.

I have brought you some of the most popular eye makeup nowadays. First of all, monochromatic eye shadow. We choose a light brown eye shadow, because brown eye shadow can effectively reduce the bloated feeling of eyelids. I love to use matte eye shadow to be natural and advanced. I do a good job of bottoming work, then I paint pale pink eye shadow, and I naturally dye it up and down. Brown eye shadow is used to sweep the eyes and form a triangular area. Then draw the eyelids and draw the eyelids to dye the thin one. Then wipe the cigarette ends with white pearl eye shadow. Then the eyeliner can be painted out and the fake eyelashes can go out. It should be noted that the eye shadow is painted with a good outline of the eyeball, and the deep drawing of the eye socket will make the facial features more three-dimensional.

Then the innocent peach blossom eye makeup. After finishing the basic skin care, brush the bottom with a close eyebrow color and then apply the purple eye shadow to the deep eye socket. The closer the eyelash root is, the more obvious the color is to fade away. Then the bright edge of the eye will be stained to make the eye shadow more natural. Use rose colored mistress to close the eyelash and draw the eye liner. Then, put the eye line on the red eye shadow, then smear it from the corner of the eye, then smear the eye tail, and use the brush to smear the red eye shadow at the end of the eye to form a small triangle. When the eye shadow is painted, it can be divided into three sections: white in the middle and white in the left, and then painted in the purple gradually. After that, the silkworm can be painted to make the eyes more three-dimensional and divine.

Next, let's talk about the eye shadow method of the earth color, like the painting of innocent peach blossom eye makeup, first do the bottom and then change the color. Love collocation is mostly brown, champagne, and eye shadow is mostly pearlescent. I love to paint matte shadow. Buddies can match their favorite colors according to their eyes and weather attire.

Well, that's how I paint the eye shadow. My buddies can now try to paint a picture by themselves. The color must be natural and make the eye makeup more hierarchical.