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What can we learn from this picture of medium and long wave hairstyle

For girls, even if there are 1000 happy reasons that day, they can easily murder all happy reasons if they only find a little problem in their appearance. It can be seen how important shape is for girls. When it comes to shape, not only clothes and makeup, but also hairstyle. Just as girls worry about what to wear today every day, many girls also worry about how to choose their hairstyle. Today, let's take a look at a hairstyle picture and see what we can learn from this picture of medium and long Bobble hairstyle.

First of all, we see that this is a foreign beauty with a medium and long bob hairstyle. The girl's face doesn't belong to the skinny melon seed face. Her chin is not very sharp. It belongs to a little round chin. Therefore, for the round face girl with round chin, when choosing the wave head, she should choose the length slightly below her chin. This can play the role of modifying the chin contour and lengthening the face.

Then, we can see that the foreign girl in the picture has no bangs. Through observation, we can see that the foreign girl's forehead is relatively narrow and short. It can be seen that if it is a girl with a narrow and short forehead, it is best not to leave bangs when cutting the wave head hairstyle, but to choose the wave head without bangs in the middle to expose her forehead. On the contrary, if it is a girl with a wide forehead, when cutting a bobbed hairstyle, she should choose a hairstyle with bangs for modification.

We can also see that the foreign girl's hair color is light gold, and her hair has been permed with oil. We can learn from this that if your hair color is old-fashioned when you cut your Bobble, you can dye it with yellow color, which will not only increase the sense of fashion, but also set off your skin color. If you want to make your face smaller, you can modify the facial lines by perming.