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Do you have the courage to conquer this hairstyle

When it comes to cuntou, people naturally think of the handsome soldier brother. Once enlisted, they will ask for an inch of hair. Cuntou is also a very challenging hair. Generally, the boys who can challenge cuntou are full of handsome guys. Do you dare to challenge this handsome hairstyle? Cuntou's choice is also diverse, follow Xiaobian to have a look!

First model: handsome short inch aircraft

This one has been improved. The hair on the top of the head is a little longer. This kind of hairstyle is very simple and handsome. When you choose this kind of hair, you must treat the sideburns, not too long, just above the ears.

Second: short inch

This hair almost only leaves a little hair. This one has very high requirements for beauty. The delicate facial features and refreshing short inches make the whole person very clean and energetic.

Paragraph 3: round inch

This round inch hairstyle is especially suitable for boys with small faces. Such a personalized hairstyle can show the masculinity. You think of a man with a round inch smile, what a fascinating scene it is! When I think about it, I feel like I'm drooling at the handsome guy. So boys who are confident enough to look good might as well try it!

Section 4: flat head

Flat head for many men, especially middle-aged men are very suitable, it seems that this man is very mature and stable. And this hair doesn't need special care. It's perfect for some men with hard hair.

After choosing a handsome hairstyle, you have to pay attention to the collocation of the whole body. Cuntou hairstyle is also very easy to match. For example, with a white T-shirt and black pants, the boy looks very clean and refreshing. Looking at the past, the whole person feels refreshed. Or it's a good match with a shirt or sweater.