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Is tongue blackening a warning from body

Our body is an organic unity, each part performs its own duties, and mutual trust and influence, and interdependence, the whole body runs orderly. When a certain organ or tissue of the body changes, especially in the invisible part of the body, some parts of our body will give an alarm. In traditional Chinese medicine, "seeing" in "seeing, hearing, inquiring" is to see the patient's tongue, which acts as a body alarm. Today's news editor is going to talk about what signals the body sends out when the tongue turns black.

Under normal circumstances, the coating particles on the surface of human tongue are pink white. When the coating particles are black, it is usually called tongue blackening. Tongue blackening is a very rare condition, which usually occurs when many patients are in critical condition. In ancient times, it was generally believed that blackening of tongue coating was the precursor of the coming of time. Although there have been cases of blackening of tongue, it is difficult to find out the specific source of blackening of tongue.

Generally speaking, tongue blackening is caused by two kinds of diseases. One is gastrointestinal diseases. For example, some patients with gastrointestinal fever and infection with fine fungi show red tongue and dark black tongue coating. Gastrointestinal fever is not a fatal disease. Therefore, it can be seen that the ancients believed that blackening of the tongue is a kind of wrong saying. When blackening of the tongue occurs, we should actively understand the reasons and not scare ourselves and cause psychological burden.

Tongue blackening is not only due to gastrointestinal fever, but also may be due to heavy body moisture and cold. There are many diseases that cause this situation. It may be that the elderly are suffering from major diseases as mentioned above. It may also be that the elderly are old and cold. It may also be that they are weak and lack of care. It can be seen that the blackening of the tongue is indeed an alarm issued by the body. We should pay attention to it, but we must straighten out our mind and face up to it.