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Here's the secret to hair growing fast

The normal growth rate of hair is generally about one centimeter a month. Sometimes people wonder if the hair can grow faster. For example, all boys in military training will ask for an inch cut. It's so ugly that they just want the hair to grow faster! In addition, girls may have too short hair and want to have a new hairstyle. They envy other people's long hair as a whole and just want their hair to grow slowly. How can hair grow fast? Let's share some experience with you!

The main component of hair is protein, so to make hair grow fast, the first step is to supplement protein to promote the growth of hair. Protein rich foods mainly include eggs, fish, chicken and beans, so you have to eat more of these foods. In addition, there are amino acids and dozens of trace elements in the hair. If there is a lack of iron, the hair will become withered and yellow. Lack of vitamin B when it is easy to hair loss phenomenon, so in the protein supplement when also to supplement vitamins and iron elements.

If you want your hair to grow fast, you can often use a comb or fingers to massage the scalp to promote the blood circulation of the scalp, which can speed up the growth of the hair, and massage the scalp before going to bed can play a role in helping sleep.

For people who want their hair to grow fast, another thing is maintenance. Don't often perm and dye your hair. Those potions are chemicals that can damage the hair quality, especially when they get on the scalp, they can affect your health and cause hair loss.

In addition, we can try to use other substances to wash our hair, such as ginger, beer and so on. Slice ginger and rub it on the scalp to promote hair growth. In addition, wash your hair with beer. Beer is rich in nutrients, which can promote the growth of hair.