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Here's the trick to get rid of split hair

How should hair appear dry and bifurcated problem to do? Girls always have the feeling that when their hair grows to a certain length, it will begin to bifurcate, so they immediately trim it. However, they did not expect that new bifurcations will appear again after a short period of time. Why? What should I do if my hair forks easily?

To know what to do, we first have to find out the cause of the split hair. There are many reasons leading to dry and forked hair, such as malnutrition, perm and dyeing, exposure to wind and sun, excessive mental pressure, etc. People can not intake enough nutrients will lead to hair can not grow well, there will be dry bifurcation problem. The chemicals used in perm and dyeing can also cause certain damage to hair. In addition, hair, like human skin, can also damage hair quality when exposed to strong sunlight. What measures should we take to solve this problem?

First of all, we need to cut off the split hair. It's better to go to the barber's to have a haircut, because the wrong cut may lead to the recurrence of the split. Then, what hair needs most is nutrients, and it mainly comes from two aspects. One is the supplement of human body's own nutrients. Therefore, in order to grow hair well, we need to eat more nutritious food, such as high protein food, fish, chicken and so on. The second is the external supplement. We need to apply the conditioner on the outer tail for one to two minutes after washing the hair, and then clean it. In addition, we can make a hair mask once a week to replenish water and repair the damaged hair. Mental stress can also lead to hair problems. So we have to learn to relieve psychological pressure, get rid of bad habits, go to bed early and get up early. For relieving stress, there is also a particularly useful move, that is to massage the scalp. It can not only relieve pressure, but also promote hair growth, killing two birds with one stone.