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How to do if you have too much hair

Girls sometimes feel that the hair is too luxuriant has become a worry, especially in the hot summer, a head of hair drooping, let people's mood fall down, feel the whole person is hot fried, and sometimes a lot of hair, like a chicken nest on the head, it is not beautiful. What kind of hairstyle is it suitable for?

Hair is too thick, to solve this problem, people may first think of thinning hair. In fact, this is a good choice. It will make people feel much more relaxed after thinning half. However, there is a problem in thinning the hair, that is, the hair is uneven. When the long hair is tied up, it is easy to have a lot of small broken hair rising, which affects the appearance.

The second way is to straighten the hair. After straightening the hair, it will appear much less, and the hair will become more supple. Straighten the hair needs to use these potions, so you have to choose a better quality potion to avoid damaging the hair quality, and remember to care for the hair after straightening.

The third way is to have a perm. Some people will think that if you have more hair, and if you have a perm, doesn't it look thicker? In fact, it's not the case. Choosing a big wave curl will not make your hair look so much, on the contrary, it will make your hair more flexible and aesthetic, and the whole person will feel romantic.

In fact, my hair doesn't want to move, and I want to look less in a short time, so it's not so hot, especially in summer. Then we can choose to braid hair. People with long hair can tie ponytail, which makes them look especially young and beautiful. Or braid your hair to one side, and then match it with other decorations such as hairband or headband, and dress. In this hot summer season, it's a refreshing wind.