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How to create a fresh short hair style

Short hair style is very popular in recent years, this style full of personality has been loved by many girls, so how to create a suitable short hair style? Let Xiaobian decrypt it for you!

Choose a suitable short hairstyle is mainly decided by the face shape, face shape is mainly divided into long face, round face, square face. So what kind of short hairstyle should these faces match?

First: long face

The shape of a long face is sometimes too long to be round and good-looking. So at this time, we need the help of bangs. Naturally keep the bangs in front of you, and then trim them to give you a sense of hierarchy, which will not appear rigid, but also shorten the length of your face. Recently more popular is the air bangs, eight character bangs. A thin layer of bangs can make you young teenagers, but also make you appear very gentle.

Section 2: square face

The edges and corners on both sides of the square face are too clear, and it looks a little too square. Many people will think that the square face is particularly ugly. To change this situation, we can choose a short hairstyle whose length is just to the chin. It's better to have some range to make your face look more mellow and soft. So when you cut your hair short, you might as well add an inner buckle radian, which can make your face present the effect of oval face.

Section 3: round face

Round face is also known as big pie face, so we want to choose a short hair style to make the face look less round, so we can choose shoulder length short hair with the middle part, and rub the hair vertically on both sides of the face to decorate the round face, which will give people the effect of melon seed face visually. Why not?

In addition, after choosing a short hair style, we can choose a hair color according to our skin color. For example, girls who are a little black can choose golden yellow to set off their white hair. And a good-looking hair color can make short hair bonus Oh!