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How to match girls in summer

As soon as summer comes, the girls show their magic powers. They have all kinds of summer items such as skirts and super shorts ready early. I'm going to show it this summer for fear of missing something. Then in this hot season, how to match can be cool and good-looking? Now follow the steps of small make-up to see how the trend of summer wear with it!

Class I: white T-shirt + shorts

This set is too simple to match, and suitable for all ages, regardless of gender. The white T-shirt is simple and generous, and it's very cool with super shorts. If the lower part of the body appears in the form of black shorts or jeans, the upper part of the body can choose the color match at will. As for the other choice is not the same color, and then black is more heat absorption, white may wear a bit cooler.

Category 2: Dress + thin knitwear

A must-have item in summer is a thin knitted shirt. You can wear a thin knitted shirt on the basis of a dress, a suspender skirt or even the T-shirt mentioned above. The white knitted shirt is versatile and full of tenderness. In summer, because of its hot and strong ultraviolet rays, besides being cool, sunscreen is also a major theme, so thin knitwear can also be used as sunscreen clothing. When the sun is strong, you can put it on. When you go indoors, you can take it off to show your beautiful dress and suspender skirt.

Category 3: floral shirt + denim skirt

Floral Shirt gives people a fresh and natural feeling. It is very refreshing to match with the denim skirt with blue as the main tone. The whole set looks very lady.

Summer is a season of love and beauty, but Xiaobian kindly reminds you that you must pay attention to safety, because when you show your beauty, there are always some unkind people who will hurt you. In particular, women wearing short skirts in public places should avoid being photographed secretly and call for help when they encounter sexual harassment.