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How to match suits to ensure that they don't fall off the chain on formal occasions

Suits are not unfamiliar to every boy, but in China, suits are usually used for special formal occasions, such as application. Now many boys have to buy their own suit as soon as they graduate from university. How should they choose a suit? How to make it look good?

First of all, let's learn about the origin of suits! As the name suggests, Western clothing was introduced to China from Europe at the very beginning. Its rudiment is the knee length coat 'gustercoll' and the shorter 'best', as well as the tight and half length pants' cleurot ', which are on the stage of history, forming the composition form and many wearing habits of modern three piece suit. Then gradually, in the Victorian era, men would wear tuxedos for dinner. It has evolved into today's suits, but tuxedos still exist. Suits are more formal and solemn, so they are used in formal occasions at home and abroad. How to wear it? Do you have any precautions?

The collocation of the suit is mainly matched with several accessories, one is the tie, the other is the kerchief. Tie is the soul of a suit. How to choose a tie? First, the width of the tie should match the width of the collar of the suit. Generally speaking, the narrower the lapel of a suit, the more fashionable it is. The big collar is very old-fashioned. A suit of black and gray can be matched with a white shirt and a blue plaid or striped tie. If the shirt color is blue, you can also choose a yellow tie, which is more bold, but it looks very comfortable. In addition to neckties and scarves, a small scarf in your pocket can make you look more gentlemanly. As like as two peas, the choice of a scarf is not the same as that of a tie. The scarf is the most free place to show your personality, so you have to choose carefully and show yourself.

Then you must remember to iron the suit before you wear it to show your spirit. A stiff suit is very confident. In addition, when you wear a suit, you only need to button the penultimate button, which is very casual and convenient when you sit down.

The above is Xiaobian today to explain to you the suit wear, there are more wonderful collocation, please pay attention!