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Handsome through the cold winter, boys complete winter collocation here

It's really cold in winter! In particular, the cold and humid of the south makes people at a loss! So what kind of clothes should we choose to keep out the cold? In the past, Xiaobian always introduced all kinds of collocations for girls, but we can't be partial. Today, let's see how boys match!

Boys pay attention to the image may be more terrible than girls, to build clothes look good, first to know what type of boys they belong to. Now let's take you to see how men should wear.

Class I: Han Fan

A lot of oba in Korean idol dramas are so handsome that many female fans indulge in them. So girls will ask their boyfriends, or the object of future requirements will be Korean Europa type. How can a boy who belongs to this category be more handsome? Put a shirt in the sweater and black trousers under it. Then wrap it in a long cotton padded suit. In addition, you can choose a scarf to hang on your neck. This kind of winter match makes people look very warm. However, medium and long cotton padded clothes may be suitable for tall boys. If they are short, they can be changed into short cotton padded clothes, which can also show big and long legs. In addition, the collocation will remain unchanged for several years, and the cotton padded clothes outside can be changed into overcoats. It's estimated that girls will miss you wrapped in a coat and nest in your arms.

The second category: Uncle fan

When it comes to Uncle fan, people will naturally think of the beard, which is very sexy. This kind of boys have some very mature charm, which will soon be admired. How should this kind of boys wear in the cold winter? If you are an office worker, you can wear a suit inside and a coat outside, which is warm and good-looking. Put on a pair of shiny shoes, with a watch, mature man's charm in this moment all revealed no doubt. Or a leather jacket with a shirt, usually in black and other dark colors. Then match it with dark jeans or suit pants, which are very fashionable and handsome.

The third category: moderate

I don't like Korean little brother type, and I'm not uncle, so I'll make the simplest match. Cotton padded clothes with white undershirt and a pair of casual pants, this collocation is very simple and casual. Casual pants can choose black, khaki, etc. Or to keep warm, you can put a sweater in the cotton padded clothes, but remember that only one of the best two has a hat, and then it will be very uncomfortable to droop behind your head.

The winter collocation of the above boys is introduced. See if there is a style that belongs to you?