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How to dress in early autumn? Do you really know how to dress

But it's a cool autumn! The weather gradually turned cold, and then I turned over the wardrobe and found that I had no clothes to wear again. I thought about the clothes I wore last autumn, and then I found that there was nothing. Did I have been naked last autumn? Most girls will have this idea as soon as the season changes. How should we dress in the coming autumn? Xiao Bian will show you the collocation in early autumn.

First set: blue and white stripe T-shirt + jeans

The blue and white striped T-shirt is very youthful and energetic, and then it can be matched with casual and natural jeans. This is a perfect match in early autumn.

Second set: Baseball Jacket + jeans

In recent years, the handsome baseball uniform has become very popular. Because of its simple sports style, people will choose to buy one. In the early autumn, when it's cool, a baseball jacket and jeans are OK. Walking on the street, it's fashionable!

Third set: T-shirt + black leggings

Black leggings can perfectly display the big legs. The upper body can be matched with a hollowed out T-shirt, and the sexy body curves can be displayed.

Fourth set: Dress + cardigan

In early autumn, the temperature is not very low, so the girls who love beauty should not give up the skirt. At this time, they can add a cardigan on the outside of the dress, which is very gentle and very lady. If the cardigan is not good, you can also put on the handsome jeans jacket, the whole person is full of youth.

The above is a small series for you to recommend a few sets of early autumn collocation, you might as well have a try! Maybe you can find the one that suits you best!