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Bullet heads have different hairstyles, and each one is too handsome

Bullet hairstyle is a very handsome hairstyle, it is not only very stylish, but also shows the charm of cool men incisively and vividly. The general bullet hairstyle is the design of long hair in the middle and short hair on both sides to create a bullet like visual effect. But the bullet hairstyle also has many similar different designs, and each one after different people's interpretation, can show different personality charm. Next, Xiaobian will bring you a variety of different bullet hairstyles. Choose one to show your style!

The first one is a tough and handsome bullet. This bullet design gives people a masculine feeling. It will be more stylish if you use hair wax to make it. Although this hairstyle looks very simple, it works very well. With this hairstyle, you'll find yourself in several grades.

The second is the bullet of personality fashion. This is a very personalized bullet design. The triangular shape with one side flattened gives the bullet another feeling. No matter from which point of view, will feel cool. It is in the personality fashion at the same time, let you not lose bright and three-dimensional sense. With a trend of sunglasses, your charm will be unlimited points.

The third is Junlang sunshine bullet. This hairstyle was very popular for a while. In the entertainment industry, Chen Xiao's bullet in real life is also loved by many people. He is handsome and handsome. He has a sunny boy's feeling. With a smile, he almost Charms girls. With a bullet like this, you can definitely earn enough return rate. At the same time, for this hairstyle design, the effect created by short hair perm is also very attractive. The combination of refreshing ear exposure and short hair perm can definitely outline your incomparable sense of fashion.