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How to match the colors of clothes? Do you know the principles

Every girl wants to wear her own style, or fresh and sweet, or elegant and generous. But in the face of colorful and different styles of clothing, but there are many girls who do not know how to match. The following small series for you to introduce the principle of color matching, never afraid to wear the wrong color.

The first principle is to match colors according to hues. Hue matching refers to the combination of colors of the same nature, including cold and warm tone, lightness and brilliance. In short, the more complete the hue, the better, at least more than three hues. We can match red, yellow and blue with the same brightness. Nature's rainbow is a good color matching.

The second is approximate color matching. Approximate color matching refers to the selection of adjacent or similar hues for matching. This color matching is very harmonious because it contains a common color among the three primary colors. In addition, the hue is close, so it is also relatively stable. If it is a single hue, it is called the same color matching. This principle of brilliant collocation includes purple with green, purple with orange, green with orange.

The third is progressive color matching. Progressive color matching refers to the arrangement of colors according to the degree of hue, lightness and brilliance. The characteristic of this color matching is that even if the tone is calm, it is also very eye-catching, especially the progressive color matching of hue and lightness. Rainbow is not only hue color matching, but also progressive color matching

The fourth is night color. Strictly speaking, night color matching is not a real color matching skill, but it is very practical. High brightness or bright cool color and low brightness warm color together, is what we call the night color or shadow color. This kind of color matching is mysterious and far away. It is full of exotic and ethnic customs. The ideal collocation is Teal color with Burgundy wine red, emerald turquoise green with black brown and so on, which are very good-looking colors.