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Soften your hair. Don't look at this and act

Every girl is eager to have a soft and elegant hair, all for the girl who is born with hard hair, it will appear some distress. So in order to achieve this wish, now there will be many girls go to the salon to do hair softening, to make the head supple, docile effect. So, soften hair in the end what need to pay attention to, the effect is really so ideal? Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the problems about softening hair.

In the process of softening hair, one of the most critical is to apply softener. Softening is an important step in straightening. It doesn't need electric splint. It's the process of applying liquid medicine to hair. After applying the liquid medicine, straighten it with electric splint, which is to do ion perm. If the hair is particularly thick, softening will not keep the hair for a long time, you can also choose to do L'Oreal's natural straight, which can significantly improve the current situation of thick and hard hair. In terms of effect, softening is much more natural than ion ironing. In addition, we should pay attention to, in just finished soften 2 to 3 days don't wash your hair, also can't just finished to pull the hair, this will not only damage the hair quality, but also affect the effect.

How to maintain hair after softening is also something we should pay attention to. After softening your hair, you should always protect your hair. Always remember to use conditioner after washing your hair. And every once in a while, we should choose the right product to make a hair mask for our hair. Only in this way can we protect our hair's nutrition and health to the greatest extent,

Now, many girls are flocking to choose to do hair softening, but it is undeniable that the softening of hair depends on chemicals, so the harm to us must exist. So when we choose to soften our hair, we should choose high-quality liquid medicine, which can minimize the damage to our hair. Finally, although everyone loves beauty, I still want to remind you that it's better not to soften too often.