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Vest -- a magic weapon in summer

Vest is often used in summer collocation. There should be at least 2 vests in a girl's wardrobe. It's a good choice whether it's bottoming or wearing alone. After all, vest is an indispensable collocation artifact for girls in summer. Today we are going to talk about how to wear a vest with both temperament and fashion.

Stitched LACE WAISTCOAT, simple and without lack of detail. V-neck design can not only achieve the effect of thin face, but also set off the breath of a little woman. The design of cross back without back makes it very chic and sexy to wear. It shows a good figure easily.

Doll style, the upper body is super cute. It's perfect for student girls. Collar is a word collar. It's simple. It's good to wear it alone. It can also be worn with T-shirt. It's very eye-catching to go out and play with a straw hat and a best friend.

Summer is also the world of lotus leaves, a little decoration can set off a gentle romantic temperament. The fishtail half skirt is elegant and charming, with ruffles embellishment to show young vitality and soft temperament. White lace stitched vest with such a skirt, with a casual attitude to deduce the elegant style, it is perfect.

If you have a pair of long legs, vest and skirt are enough to make you charming in the street. Tank vest with chiffon skirt to the ground, it is not too good-looking. The combination of vest and shorts looks too common, but if shorts and sandals are enough fashion, it's too foreign. Finally, if you don't want to show off your long and thin legs and only care about comfort and fashion, then the most popular wide leg pants can easily satisfy you, and you can't stop wearing them.

Vests, such as jeans, are very common, but they are also very picky. They can't be as skinny as wood, let alone as a tiger; In short, we should have the waist, not the next line. Honey, have you got these collocations?