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How to match leather shoes shows a man's real taste

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When a man reaches a certain age, he will always have his own pair of shoes, which is the standard for mature men! It's not enough to choose a good pair of shoes, but also to match with good-looking clothes. How to match shoes to make them more stylish? What are its specific principles?

At the beginning, when it comes to shoes, people will naturally think of suits and leather shoes. How to choose shoes for specific suits? Leather shoes also have a variety of styles, generally speaking, suits and cow shoes are the best match. In addition, the color in more important occasions are generally black based, appears mature and stable. In the ordinary leisure time, you can choose brown or other colors to match.

Wearing shoes, men have a special point to pay attention to, that is, the collocation of shoes and socks. It's best to match the two in the same color system. This way, it won't be very abrupt. You want to be a pair of black shoes with a pair of colorful socks, that's how hot eyes.

In addition, when you wear it, especially on important occasions such as interviews, you should check whether your shoes are cleaned? Are socks and trouser legs finished? If you see a man next to you with trouser legs in his socks, you might as well remind him.

The leather shoes are well worn, and the other thing is that they can be well maintained. Vamp to ensure that there is no dust, must be oiled every day and then repeatedly wipe. Until there's light, it's a shadow. Don't step on the heel of leather shoes all the time, it's easy to deform, and leather things are easy to wear the feet, so you can put alcohol on the appropriate place to air for one night, and the leather will become soft. Because the shoes are not very breathable, they should be changed and dried frequently, but not in direct sunlight. Just let the shoes breathe.