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Woollen overcoats are grand and fashionable. They wear with wind

Woolen coat always gives us the feeling of atmosphere. Let's see how to wear woolen coat today? In the introduction of woollen coat, let's first understand this kind of fabric of woollen cloth!

The main feature of woollen fabric is that it is especially thick and warm, so it is generally used in the production of winter clothes. Such as woolen coat, windbreaker, etc. It has more and more varieties, such as plaid, herringbone, etc. Generally speaking, the price of woollen overcoat in the market is more expensive, so how do we choose woollen clothes? Good woollen clothes are usually made of animal fur and polyester. Because animal fur is hard to come by, the more animal fur content, the higher the price. It depends on the handle to distinguish it. Good woollen clothes feel very soft and comfortable. Woollen clothes with high polyester content will feel like small lumps. Another point is that woolen clothes should be dry cleaned to avoid deformation.

How to match it? Please take a look at some collocations that Xiaobian has prepared for you.

Collocation 1: Black woollen coat

Black is the most classic color. You can wear a long white sweater inside. The principle of matching black and white is forever

It's all right. This time can grasp accessories to match, such as belt necklace.

Collocation 2: white woollen coat

The white woollen clothes are very temperament, which can be matched with lining and small skirt. No matter how it is matched, it's beautiful. You can wear brown or black open leather shoes on your feet.

Third set: camel coat

Camel coat and white can match, camel color is also the latest particularly popular color, can be seen everywhere in the street, so there is an excellent match can let you stand out.