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How to match the bag skirt with infinite charm

Girls in the world but not without the existence of skirts, but also want to show their concave and convex body, hip skirt is a very good choice. It can show your sexy figure, but it can be worn in both daily life and workplace life. Hip skirt is great. How to match the skirt? What kind of top will look good with it? Next, I'll introduce some of them to you.

The first set: hollow out knitwear + hip skirt

The top half of the cut-out knitwear is very fashionable and sexy. With the top and bottom half of the body close to the hip skirt, the body of the whole body is displayed. The upper part of the sweater is loose, if it is a little fat girls can choose black, more sexy thin.

Second set: shirt + tight buttock skirt

The tight buttock skirt with a little side slit design can show the long legs of all the beauties. At this time, with a pair of high heels, the leg lines are even longer. Wear a shirt above, it will be very sweet temperament. White collar women in the workplace can wear a white shirt and a black skirt, both sexy and solemn.

The third set: white T + hip skirt

White T-shirt is a kind of white matching. A simple white upper body can be used to wear a hip skirt with more layers on the lower body. For example, you can wear broken flowers, which are very popular in recent years. Then put a pair of high heels or flat shoes on your feet.

The fourth set: denim hip skirt + X-ray top

Denim hip skirt is very sweet and refreshing, coupled with a more cool perspective top, it is the standard in summer. Walking on the street, that's the rhythm of 100% turning back!