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How to match all kinds of coats

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, seasons change, we need to prepare a coat to cope with the changeable weather. A good coat matching can improve our overall image! What kind of coat should be prepared for spring, summer, autumn and winter? Let Xiaobian take you to travel in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Let's see what suits you!

First of all, what about spring? Spring flowers bloom, the weather is getting warmer, choose a handsome denim coat, and then the lower body can match tight leggings, suitable for both men and women. The refreshing blue makes people feel relaxed and happy. Or choose a baseball jacket! Girls can choose a Pink Baseball Jacket, just like flowers in general. The lower part of the body can be matched with a short skirt, which is very cute.

In summer, what I immediately think of is the scorching sun. At this time, we have to fight against the sun. We use sunscreen and sunscreen cap. But sunscreen can sometimes feel greasy, especially for people who sweat. It's much more convenient to prepare a coat at this time. You can choose a long sleeve sweater as a sunscreen shirt, and it is not only sunscreen, but also very versatile. It's not only fairer but also sunscreen with a long skirt.

That spent the hot summer, we entered the cool autumn. Autumn leaves fall one after another, I feel it's a good season for literature and art! This time might as well choose a new sweater coat. Whether it's long or short, it's great. There's a shirt in it. It's suitable for all ages.

After summer and winter, you can choose a coat to keep out the cold. The style of coat is very atmospheric, and it doesn't appear that people are very bloated. However, although some down jackets are fluffy, they can also look good together. For example, the short down jacket with pants still looks very thin.