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Stripe matching is popular among boys. Let's see how to wear it

Boys, in fact, should learn to dress up more, don't clean up all day, girls think about how to dress up beautiful every day, boys should also not show weakness, will dress up carefully to attract the beauty's favor.

But boys, especially some particularly rigid boys, reject some too fancy things, and think it is too coquettish. So they despise a lot of things with patterns. They wish there was only black and gray in the world, but there is one thing they like very much, which is stripes. Stripes are simple and easy to wear. Now Xiaobian combs a few simple collocations for you!

Match 1: striped T-shirt + casual pants

The upper body chooses striped T-shirt, simple and casual, and the lower body matches casual pants, which is very comfortable. I also believe that this is a simple match that many boys like very much. Just put a pair of sports shoes on your feet! But pay attention to the fatter boys had better not wear horizontal stripes, he will have the effect of visual extension, appear more fat. The match of this set is T-shirt and casual shorts in summer. In autumn, you can wear a pair of khaki casual pants, plus a striped shirt, and just take a coat outside.

Collocation 2: striped pants + white shirt + black light coat

Striped trousers may be a bit adventurous and bold, but one of their great functions is to visually lengthen them. The upper body can be matched with a simple white shirt.

Match 3: striped shirt with suit pants

Simple striped shirt, can choose the fabric of silk texture, very refreshing. It's cool with suit pants and small shoes. So boys can have a good try, when matching suit pants, you can slightly roll up the trouser legs to show the ankle.